How To

How To Set it up 

Please Follow this steps to setup Mobipush.


Download and Installation

To Download the extension, click on Get Extension Button from the website menu/navbar, and install it by importing it through mobirise extension import.



After the importation and installation of the extension, Mobirise will reload to include the install Mobipush. Open the block tab and look for tab name Mobipush and click on it, and you will be navigated to the Mobipush block which is one in number sample image is shown below. Drag and drop the mobipush block to your page, and you have activated mobipush web push notification on your website.


Push Admin access

When you publish your website to a PHP enabled server, you can access your mobipush admin panel using this url:  at first access, you will be shown a form to setup your push admin email and password, which you will be using to login to your push admin panel.

After the admin login setup, you will be redirect to a login page were you will need to login using the admin email and password you just setup.

Once your login is successful, you will be redirected to send push page were you can send web push messages to users that subscribe to your push notification.


Sending Push Notification

Below is the push notification form to send messages to your website subscribers. Fill the information with the required informations and click on send push, on success push delivery, You will get a json response above the send push button with the push message ID.


How To


Mobipush is a 3rd party extension developed by Mr Singa4real, to help mobirise non-coders intergrate web push notification on there mobirise website without stress. The good part of this extension is that it's powered by Firebase cloudmessage system(Owned by Google).

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